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  • crying over broadway
  • analyzing sondheim
  • explaining the beauty of next to normal
  • calling things “overrated”
  • identifying when a times square photo was taken based solely on the musical billboards

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Yeah most people seemed to like Trail better, though I think for a lot of people it's because Joey Lauren and Jeff are in it and they're way more popular on tumblr than most of the others. I haven't seen it yet but I'll be watching the stream tonight, can't wait! And did you go to any of the late night stuff?

aw, you’re gonna love it! for me, joey really stole the show. he was also so so nice and afterwards came up to every single person waiting in the lobby for pictures and stuff. we went to MProv after oregon on wednesday and that was really awesome because it was very funny (and also free!) last night we wanted to stay for denise’s dance show-thing but we had to leave to catch our train back home. the late night show i really wanted to see was brian and mere’s but unfortunately we didn’t schedule accordingly to the late night shows! 

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Oh you saw the shows cool! What did you think? And were you at Ani last night bc I rented the stream and will look out for you when I watch it again!

yes! i LOVED the shows. personally, the trail to oregon was my favorite, but that might be because i’m not a huge star wars fan! but my friend (who loves star wars) liked ani better. and yeah! i was there last night! we sat dead center in the third row, which was an amazing seat because the theatre is so tiny that you’re reeeaaallly close to the stage anyway! it was so much fun, and if i can, i might go back to see oregon again. :)

, #truebluefangirl #starkid #ani #the trail to oregon #team starkid #starkid summer season