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feelings and thoughts

i really tried to be mature about the situation. you can’t handle confrontation, alright. fine. you break up with me in a text message. a text message. and though i could’ve been a complete and total bitch, i simply didn’t respond, changed my relationship status, and put the memories to rest. i’m trying to be the mature one, i’m trying to be civil, i’m trying not to post shitty facebook statuses and tweet rude things. but when you delete me from all social networking sites then tweet all the time about how you’re “glad that’s not my problem anymore #sorrynotsorry” i get a little pissed off. and i realize you’ve got issues, you’ve got demons, and secrets, and nightmares, and all of that. but guess what. everyone does. it’s not an excuse. it doesn’t make it okay for you to be terrible and act like i don’t have feelings and act like you didn’t care at all, and maybe you didn’t, but at least have the respect to fucking keep that to yourself. because you hurt my feelings and i didn’t realize it till now, but i care. i care that you acted like i meant nothing, and i care that you had no respect for me and acted like i was nothing, and it was the easiest thing for you to send me a quick text to get rid of me. because i cared about you.

so just…just fucking hurry up and leave please just get out of this town so i can forget you and i can start going to dunkin donuts again cause they have the best hot chocolate and if i go there now to get hot chocolate, i’m afraid you’ll spit in it.

so leave, i want hot chocolate again. bitch.

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