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sick of having to explain my tattoo to people???

  • person: what does your tattoo say?
  • me: allons-y. it means "let's go" in french
  • person: oh...but like...what is that supposed to mean?
  • me: well it's from this TV show called doctor who, and it's pretty special to me and it has a lot of meaning to me even out of context to the TV show, so...
  • person: uh-huh. so like...but why did you decide to get that tattooed on you?
  • me: *launches into 3 hour back story of reason and meaning behind a tattoo that is seven letters long i am so sick of explaining this shit to people holy heck leave me alone*
, #allons-y #tattoo #personal #my life #i don't ask why you got a spiderweb tattooed on your neck so leave me alone #this has happened like 30 times